Spring is here and our new collections start the season off right!



Nice to meet you! I launched my company in 2008 at the Architectural Digest Show offering organic furnishings and accessories to the trade. In 2013, I expanded the line with wall coverings. The collections grew quickly, and in 2021 I created Wallcovetings, a unique branch created for consumers from my signature to the trade wall coverings.

Comprising of my own work and that of additional extraordinary artists, Wallcovetings offers dramatic over-scaled and completely original designs, to both the public and to the trade.

Wallcovetings is a boutique studio, there is time available to customize each commission according to pattern, color palette, scale, and dimensions. My goal is to entice and change perceptions about living with wall coverings, with a focus on sustainability. That means not only eco-friendly ingredients but timeless, custom designs created for each, individual client.

To that end, I look to nature as the ultimate source. All of the themes in our arresting assembly are nature-inspired, from botanicals and feathers to sea creatures, gemstones, minerals, and stone formations.

The Artisan Collection features award winning artists from around the world in various forms of media - rolled paper sculpture, ceramic mosaic, printed textiles, feather carvings, and painting to name a few. These artworks have been adapted  into wall coverings via large scale digital photography.

At once up-to-the-minute and classic, this thoughtfully curated collection of more than 100 designs is also “quick ship.”

Let us know how we may help you and remember



 “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment

before starting to improve the world”

Anne Frank

Wallcovetings focus is on the environment. While we offer a number of choices in our substrates, our key material is composed of 31% recyclable materials.

Our Mineral Wall Covering Collections started with the use of left over materials from our furnishings line, ensuring every drop of resource was used, with nothing thrown away.

For every order within the Artisanal Papers Collections, Wallcovetings has arranged for a tree to be planted in the region where the paper is produced.


Wallcovetings is a proud member of Be Originals Americas, a non-profit advocacy committed to informing, educating and influencing manufacturers, artisans, design professionals and consumers about economic, ethical and environmental value of authentic design which supports artists and the use of original designs. 


Wallcovetings also supports the Artist Support Pledge on Instagram. This is a generous culture and dynamic economy in support of artists and makers. Artists sell their work on Instagram for no more than $200 per piece. Anyone can buy the work. For very $1000 of sales, the artist in turn purchase another artist’s work for $200! This spirit of mutual support and generosity has enabled artists worldwide to maintain a vital income stream during the Covid pandemic.